The sign that hung outside the store...

The sign that hung outside the store...
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Asking for prayer for my neighbor...

This is not my usual kind of post...

I am fortunate to have a wonderful neighbor, who has been a blessing to my household for the 19 years we have lived here.

We watched her kids grow up and get married, we took care of each others horses and critters when one of us went on vacation.

 My neighbor "L", has been a leader in the County 4-H program, and had her own farm full of various critters, including goats and horses.

For the last year or so she has been fighting an agressive cancer. She has a love of antiques, her living room is a testimony to that!  She is also a quilter, who has been making quilts as her therapy during this time.

For me, other then by being as good a neighbor as I can, I feel so helpless... other then to pray for her and her family.

Since I believe in prayer and a loving God who answers prayer, I ask for you to join me in prayer for L.

I have been told the prognosis is not good...but until God takes her home, I pray for a miraculous healing.

And if he chooses to take her home, I pray he takes away the pain of the cancer at this time, and comforts her, and her family.

She is a wife, a mother and a grandmother,  and a good friend and neighbor...

I appreciate your prayers joining with mine for L.



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vintage Perfume Bottles...

As I was straightening up my closet, I found my mom's vintage perfume bottles.  Oh just getting them out, and the smell of the light perfume scent remaining in them...well it just makes me feel like I am looking at then with mom here with me.

I love how when she left us, she had everything somewhat organized. The box was noted, and the bottles were all together and wrapped in tissue.... 

I am sure I will find a way to display them, for now I am just enjoying them. I have some favorites like this very art deco one...

And this blue one is just so lovely...

And this crystal type one with the "wow" big flower stopper...those were the days!

 It makes me think of Hollywood in the old days, and those great old Hollywood movie classics...

And this last picture just screams Art Deco period of 30's and 40' least to me it does...

The last bottle is the one that she had on her dresser when she left us, and though not vintage, very special...

Thanks for taking the time to reminisce with me today! 

And welcome new blogger friends from "Grow Your Blog" I will come visit you too!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Family Treasures...

I seem to be the one out of five siblings who had the hardest time releasing many of Mom's things, after she was gone. I suspect my mother knew that would happen, as for decades she had given me little treasures of hers, knowing I would treasure them, as she had. 

So I thought I would reminisce over a series of posts, and share some of the much loved items I have pulled out for display.

When she gave this small children's pottery pitcher to me, maybe 15-20 years ago, she had written a note and put it in the vase. 

By the way, this is a great idea to do while the information is still available so it is there for future generations!

Gloria was my Mom, born in 1923, this small children's pitcher had belonged to her Great Grandmother, Lydia who was born in 1836.

I have a picture with it showing both my mothers grandmother and her mother.. I do not have one of her Great Grandmother Lydia who was the original owner.

The picture you see beside the vase shows my Grandma Agnes on the left, and my Great Grandmother Sarah (my mothers grandma) on the right. 

The old postcards displayed around the picture were my grandmothers, dating around 1900, and the other items around it were my mothers treasures. The picture of the parakeets was my mothers, and a reminder of her mothers love of parakeets. She had amazing results in teaching them to talk.

When I have moments to look at old photos and see my family history, and actually see the things that were in their lives, it really does make a family tree just that... a place that connects me to them.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year and Reflections...

What is it about time that the older I get, the faster it goes by?

It seems like 2012 just began, and I was still committed to a 40 hours a week job at Verizon Wireless, then after  21 years.. poof, my office is closed (end of June).

 I am a 'displaced worker" and from there on the time flew by, and the year is over!

My new found time  had opened up all sorts of options, like to consider what do I really want to do?

Not what I was doing, that was for sure.

So after my real estate agent told me I needed to de-clutter my house full of furniture to prepare to sell the house in the future...I seem to have gone a different direction. Oh true, I did sell some items, but more then made up for it with what I purchased. The good news is much of it is projects, so it's not all in the house.

So as mentioned in a previous post, I sold some old oak pieces, tables, chairs, Hoosier cabinet, mission buffet, mirrors, etc. I had a garage sale over the summer, and of course sold off CL as well.

Of course I also bought 3 project tables,  and a project desk. These larger projects are waiting for warmer weather to paint with chalk paint. I found several wicker pieces that spray paint has refreshed with new life. I found an antique washbasin (below), as well as lamps, a Amish pie safe, oak ice box, and many other misc treasures. This was all after my job ended.

The old wash basin was a great find last summer at a garage sale, and could be used for outdoor party's to put ice and pop or beer and wine in as the metal top lifts off. Now it is in my outdoor atrium / garden room as a table. This picture was from fall, can you tell?!

A trip to a couple sales one summer weekend brought home several fun finds...that called for some new color on the candle sticks and birdcage ( though I think I will paint the birdcage black next) ...the hydrangeas looked great in the silver teapot.

And the items in this picture have all been re purposed as well, after another fun weekend of garage sales. The rusty table, got ASCP on the board top, and is now my coffee table.

The atrium has been the transition room for much of the treasures...and with all the sun we had late summer it was the perfect place to retreat to. Pretty much everything in the below picture of the atrium came home from different garage/estate sales over the summer.

I did get this lovely ladies desk ilast summer at an estate sale, for embarrassing cheap. It is now in my bedroom, and I have grown fond of it as well!

You may remember from a previous post here, my carved rooster from the Goodwill,  I really like him..and now that Christmas is past..he will be coming out of hiding to a new place in the house.

The pewter grasshopper from a previous post you can read here, is on call, waiting for incoming mail !

Two of my favorite summer finds were both put to work. One is some vintage TV trays with stand, which are used often and well worth the $12.00 I paid for them.

I also came across a huge cauldron at an estate sale, and it is now s fire pit. On Christmas Eve it was moved out in front of the house, and was a wonderful place to gather outside as the evening was dry and crisp and the fire was glowing in it.

And the first project I painted with ASCP, was my Mom's old "workhorse" tea cart, which got a coat of ASCP... and came back to life. She used it to display things at the many garage sales she used to have and I am honored to have it.

OK, so back to the question about time, and what do I want to do...I want to create.

Not sure what, as it  depends on what I have to create out of. But, that is the joy of re purposing, it fulfills that need to create.

I also want to see my blog grow, and find new friends as I do... and hoped to pick up some followers to help me feel the love of creating!

So now I am chomping at the bit, time to get busy, get organized, de-clutter, and start some creative accomplishments!

So I am wishing you a wonderful Creative New Year as well!


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