The sign that hung outside the store...

The sign that hung outside the store...
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So much to be thankful for....

We just got back from a week long vacation in Puerta Vallarta Mexico, where we wanted to see more then the resort type area. This is when you see the real people of the area. It is also where you see the living conditions of some of the poorest.

While we were at a Sunday morning service where we were staying, we found out this particular resort was a key location for the Canadians who sponsor and run a charity called Families of the Dump

They took a few minutes before the service and explained what they do, which is to help  these families who live at the dump. Its a hand up, rather then a hand out program.

They meet every morning at 9AM, and take any one who wants to volunteer, and come see their operation, to sign up to do so.  We did, sign up, and considering it was just weeks before our Thanksgiving...the timing was perfect.

These are some of the homes the families live in...

The conditions are actually much better then when they actually lived in the dump.  I know when you view these pictures that is hard to believe. 

They had put up their new sign the week we were there, announcing the ground breaking for a new center they are putting up, and hope to have completed in less then a year. 

Some of the people who went out with us, were sponsors of some of the children, and were able to go see the kids they sponsor, and give them hugs and love. They said that about 98 cents of every dollar goes straight to the families and the schools, daycare and the needs.

The kids were playing soccer in the dirt streets, barefoot. 

 The kids were all smiles and laughing, and if that didn't make me feel so thankful for what my family has here in the states, nothing would.

So instead of thrift treasures, this post is about heart treasures...and thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Long Weekend Wildness

My treasure hunting started Friday, and went all the way through Monday!

On Friday I wandered into St Vincent, where all red tags were 75% off, well my cart was filled up fast. Then on down to the local Goodwill where I found a few more treasures, but no discounts.

Do you want to see what I got?

 Well, this was from St Vincents on Friday. I had a full punch card so the total after discounts and punchcard credit...was $10.41 out of my wallet. The stool, candlesticks, & wood message board will be painted.

The silver tarnished coffeepot is waiting for it's new purpose, I think it has a calling...I love the bluish color.

 Dr Phil's wife Robin's book was a dollar, so will read it on a vacation we are taking soon!

OK, now to the Goodwill's finds  below...a vintage pyrex juice pitcher, a gorgeous carved rooster, a salt jar,  vintage contact paper, a tray that really is already perfectly shabby, and a few other little treasures.

The lovely Rooster now sits next to my chalkware girl (on my brick mantel) who is covering her ears, while he crows!

The wire cage was the first up for a redo..

Now it is home to a little bird and her nest, and the tray holds everyone together...and this was only Friday!

So Saturday, I finally find time to go to the local Habitat for Humanity store. Always a treasure for a good price there, and wonderful prices on furniture...

I came home with an awesome Eifel Tower picture...I love it! 
And a wire Eifel Tower as you think maybe I want to go to France?

And an old desk that was 25% off which is going to get a chalk paint facelift...soon!

And then, on the way home we went to a garage sale, and found a seamstress table.

 It is huge...and full of storage, for $10.00, seriously...$10.00. 

It may not be pretty, but it is a workhorse size work bench for my projects.

We had to go get out trusty pull behind trailer to bring it home, but now I have a project table for the shop.  You can see by the second picture, it is filling up with my supplies. I am so happy, everything in one spot!

Today I found the old tool chest on the above photo, at St Vincent half off.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

New places for recent finds...

My problem is probably much like many of yours... I don't need one more thing, I have a house full of things I love.

 But....vintage is so calling me when I find it, and next thing you know I have found a way to get it home in my convertible (usually)... and it is now either on the project's growing list, or in my home.

So when it comes into the house, something else may be moved. Heck, maybe it calls for a total "re-arrange". This is often the case. Personally I like that, because when I was working full time ( until the end of June when my job of 21 years ended) I came home exhausted, and to tired to even notice the rut I had gotten into regarding my home and it's stagnate condition.

Last weekend at AJ's garage sale, I found this old Scottie dog vintage small lamp. He did not have a shade and is very shabby.

 AJ said they bought him many years ago at an antique store. Well, $1.00 for Scottie, and $0.50 for lampshade at St Vincent, he now is in the bay window in my bedroom. 

He shares the window while sitting on some vintage books. Also you see his friend from AJ's, the brass Toucan, and my old stained glass window which  is from a garage sale in the 70's. The art on each side are gifts from my daughter, who supports some great local artists.

Dosent Scottie look like he was always here?

Of course another $1.00 garage sale find was this metal( pewter?) grasshopper with red bead eyes.. His detail is amazing...he just hopped right into my car with me and came home with all his friends.

 Isn't he beautiful? I wish he had a mark on him so I could research his story, as the detail is wonderful.

He got a job, right off the bat, he now collects the mail as you come in the back door near the mudroom.

And finally, How could anyone pass up this face?

She moved into my office, and replaced my oh so boring normal desk lamp. We are smiling at each other as I type, I call her Liz. She bends at the neck to look wherever I want her to!

So, now they all live with me, as if we have been sharing space for years... 

Happy Thursday!